Elevating Platform MSM-2000
The MEKASTER ELEVATING PLATFORM MSM-2000 is suitable for the vertical transport of both personnel and materials at the construction site. The MEKASTER ELEVATING PLATFORM MSM-2000 is a single mast machine for construction projects with limited space. This Elevating platform is efficient and safe compared to conventional material hoist.
Playload Max. 2000 kg.
Persons allowed 26 persons.
Dimensions of center platform 1.8 m X 1.2 m
Overall Dimensions of platform 9.8 m X 1.2 m
Elevating speed 6.9 m/min
Freestanding mast height max. 6.0 m
Mast height Max. 100 m
Tie distance max. 9.0 m
Length of mast section 1.508 m
Weight of mast section 110 kg
Lowest transport height 2.0 m
Height of platform floor from the ground max. 1.5 m
Self weight of platform. 1200 kg
Power Supply 415 V,3 Phases,50 Hz
Motor rating 2 X 5.5 kW
Control voltage 110 V
Power consumption 13.0 kVA
As attempts are constantly being made to improve the feature, specifications shown are subject to change without notice.
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