Below Listed Are Some Projects References
Sr.No. Project Name Sr.No. Project Name
01 Narmada Main Canal, Gujarat 22 Priyadarshini Jurala Project, Andhra Pradesh
02 Narmada Branch Canal, Gujarat 23 Jawai Bandh Irrigation Project, Rajasthan
03 Narmada Distributory Canal, Gujarat 24 Narmada Canal Project, Rajasthan
04 Khakarapar Canal, Gujarat 25 MORAL Branch Canal, Rajasthan
05 Shri Ram Sagar Project, Andhra Pradesh 26 Mora Sagar Project, Rajasthan
06 Srisailam Project, Andhra Pradesh 27 Moti Sagar Project, Rajasthan
07 Tungabhadra Lower Canal, Andhra Pradesh 28 Munak Haiderpur Carrier Channel, Haryana
08 Upper Krishana Project, Karnataka 29 Mahanadi Reservoir Project, Chattisgarh
09 Harichandra Canal Project (Mahanadi), Orrisa 30 Bargi Canal Project, Madhya Pradesh
10 Kandrapara Canal Project (Mahanadi), Orrisa 31 Distrobutories/Minor Canals, Rajasthan
11 Satluj Yamuna Link Project, Punjab 32 Narmada Valley Development Authority, Madhya Pradesh
12 Subarna Rekha Project, Bihar / Jharkhand 33 Telugu Ganga Project, Andhra Pradesh
13 Parallel Ganga Project, Uttar Pradesh 34 Tandula Main Canal, Chhattisgarh
14 Indira Gandhi Nahar Project, Rajasthan 35 Rani Avantibai Project, Madhya Pradesh
15 Tons Hydel Project, Rewa (Madhya Pradesh) 36 Nandur Madhweshar Weir, Maharashtra
16 MPEB Project, Rewa (Madhya Pradesh) 37 Bhima Lift Irrigation, Andhra Pradesh
17 Vadavar Project, Tamilnadu 38 MLBC Project, Karnataka
18 Baner Nihar Project, Uttar Pradesh 39 Somasila Project, Andhra Pradesh
19 Hatnikund Barrage, Haryana 40 Polavaram Project, Andhra Pradesh
20 Datia Carrier Rajghat Canal, Madhya Pradesh 41 Ban Sagar Project, Madhya Pradesh
21 K.C. Canal Project, Andhra Pradesh 42 Baroudha Project, Uttar Pradesh
Sr.No. Project Name Sr.No. Project Name
01 Naval Air Field, Arakkonam 12 Bareilly Runway Project
02 Dibrughad Air Field, Assam 13 Calicut Runway Project
03 Srinagar Air Field, Srinagar 14 Udhampur Runway Project
04 Pune Air Field, Pune 15 Gwalior Runway Project
05 Gorakhpur Air Field 16 Kalikunda Runway Project
06 Yelahanka Runway, Banglore 17 Pathankot Runway Project
07 Ahmedabad Runway, Extension 18 Port Blair Runway Project
08 Calicut Runway 19 Agra Runway Project
09 NAS, Arakkonam 20 Jamnagar Runway Project
10 Cochin International Airport 21 Coimbatore Runway Project
11 Bagdogra Runway Project 22 Madurai Runway Project
Sr.No. Project Name Sr.No. Project Name
01 Delhi Mathura Road Project 04 MMRDA - Mumbai Road Project
02 Indore Bypass Road Project 05 Rural Road Project, Andhra Pradesh
03 J.K. Cement Plant, Gotan 06 Rural Road Project, Bhopal
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